When you participate in the NFL Combine, you are always going to do at least one jump; the combine features both broad and vertical jumps. Indianapolis has seen some remarkable performances including Donald Jones’s world-record jump of 12’6”. The broad jump is quickly becoming a go-to for judging explosive lower-body power. The movement is a simple, but very effective tool to evaluate a player’s lower-body strength. 

What to Know

You get two attempts at the broad jump. You must stick the landing, and the part of your body closest to the line you jumped from is what is measured. If you fall back on your hands twice, a gracious evaluation might give you an attempt to get on the board. Otherwise, you will be left with a very poor result, so it is important to work on the landing.

What is Being Tested?

The broad jump tests lower-body explosive horizontal power.

Training Focus

Broad jump training requires a lot of mental cueing. Out of the six combine tests, this evaluation requires the least amount of technical training. Instead, a lot of gym time is spent on developing additional power. 

The focus of the lower-body lifting is isokinetic training. I’m fortunate to have two OHM machines that specialize in non-eccentric load; this is a great way to enhance power without taxing the lower body, which has to be fresh for the lower-body movements.

Historical Performance

Demario Davis (LB Arkansas State) – 124’

No historical reference of my NFL Combine training would be complete without Demario Davis: the 10-year NFL veteran, who hasn’t missed a game in 10 years! His performance at the 2012 NFL Combine was one for the record books. He ended with 4.49 in the 40-yard dash, 32 in the bench press, 38.5 in the vertical, and 10’4 in the broad jump. 

This amazing effort helped Demario secure the 77th pick out of Arkansas State. When he and his agent first arrived at the facility, the agent told me Darmio’s story. He asked Demario where he wanted to go for the eight-week training to precede the most important job interview of his life. Demario said he didn’t care where the location was; he just wanted to get the best possible training. The agent said that’s easy, then; you’re going to Parisi in Fair Lawn to work with Rich.


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