For the last three years, I have been a sponsor of HYROX, an up-and-coming fitness competition that combines elements of functional fitness, endurance, and athleticism. Each HYROX competition consists of either individual or team-based events, with men and women competing in a series of fitness stations challenging their skills in running, rowing, sled pulling, kettlebell carrying (the farmer’s walk), and other functional movements. The goal is to complete these events as fast as possible and ultimately put your fundamental fitness, strength, and endurance to the test. 

HYROX is quickly rising in popularity and prominence, with competitions taking place in numerous countries spanning every continent – and this shows no signs of slowing down. In this sense, the competition is similar to 5k races, CrossFit competitions, and other seeming fads that became enduring norms in the fitness community. 

The competition is especially popular in Europe right now, but I foresee it becoming more widespread in the US as more competitive niches, venues, and coverage mediums become available. For example, the upcoming HYROX North American Open in Washington, D.C., marks the debut of the nation’s capital into the HYROX community – a historic milestone in the competition’s US expansion. 

Meanwhile, for those training in HYROX’s various competitive concentrations, appropriate training avenues are making themselves increasingly known. At Parisi Speed School Fair Lawn, for instance, we aim to give committed HYROX athletes an outlet for honing their skills and achieving a healthier, more well-rounded lifestyle. Our team is adept in preparing newcomers and high-level athletes alike to achieve their goals, push themselves, and identify their relative forms of success. 

HYROX’s primary goal is to create a healthy community of like-minded individuals dedicated to challenging themselves and sharing mutual passion. I am proud to be a part of the competition’s ongoing journey to actualizing that vision for a broader spectrum of athletes.