For many aspiring professional football players, the NFL Scouting Combine is the ultimate test: a chance for invited NFL hopefuls to showcase their skills and make a strong case for filling a roster spot in this esteemed league. An athlete’s NFL Combine performance can impact significant parts of their playing career – namely, their draft position and accompanying salary – so proper preparation is crucial to maximizing performance and creating a brighter professional outlook.  

During his time as a highly regarded strength coach and athletic trainer, Rich Sadiv has helped over 200 prospective NFL athletes prepare for the NFL Combine and gain a spot on an NFL team. In his upcoming “Preparing For the NFL Combine” blog series, Sadiv will provide an in-depth look at each aspect of a successful NFL Combine training regimen, from the 40-yard dash to the vertical jump and everything in between. The articles will cover how to properly train for each event, what to expect on NFL Combine day, and how to approach the events from a mental and structural standpoint – as well as recap some historic NFL Combine performances for additional reference and motivation. 

The series will begin this Thursday with a closer look at the 40-yard dash. Be sure to check back for this high-level look at NFL Combine training.