Track and field is arguably the most well-rounded, all-encompassing sport in all of athletics, showcasing feats of speed, endurance, strength, and technical efficiency in a single meet. Additionally, the sport is malleable – with competitions held both indoors and outdoors throughout the winter and spring. In both environments, training and competition can be tough, requiring a strong balance of mental and physical fortitude. 

These aspects make track and field an excellent, accessible opportunity for aspiring young athletes looking to find a competitive niche, chase personal bests, and ultimately lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The Parisi Speed School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, is no stranger to the track and field community, offering a 50-meter mondo track and field turf and training opportunities for athletes competing in various events. As the owner and head performance coach at Parisi, I have had the privilege of working within the track and field community, developing athletes to meet their potential and achieve long-lasting success. 

Lately, the facility has taken its track and field involvement a step further by hosting a series of indoor meets. The competitions took place throughout the winter, beginning with the three-part “Parisi Jump/Throw” series in December and January and ending with a a last-chance qualifier meet in February. These meets consisted predominantly of jumping and throwing events, including the shot put, triple jump, and long jump. 

The most recent competition, last weekend’s last-chance qualifier event, saw entry from over 20 New Jersey high schools. This meet gave participating athletes one final opportunity to qualify for the High School Nationals_________. 

Parisi is proud to offer a high-level competitive outlet for these athletes, who, in many cases, are working not only to succeed during the indoor season – but also to hone and progress their abilities for the upcoming outdoor season. Such involvement is a testament to the facility’s versatile commitment to its athletes; here, regardless of sport or concentration, we pride ourselves on teaching dedication, stability, continuity, and vision. 

The most successful track and field athletes embody these values year-round, and it has been fulfilling to witness some great competition and development take place on Parisi’s turf. We are looking forward to maintaining this tradition for years to come.