We’re all going to age,
but I’ll help you redefine the journey.



I’m known as “The Human Crane,” an International Powerlifting Champion and renowned strength coach. With 30+ years of powerlifting and coaching experience. I own the Parisi Speed School and Escape Fitness in Fair Lawn.


My approach combines personalized workouts, behavioral adaptation, and nutrition-focused guidance. I am now using all my training and skills to help middle aged people meet their “growing old” goals.


I’m one of the few trainers who is laser focused on working with the middle-aged.

My clients are 40 – 60 years old and they all have the same goals:

  • To age well.
  • To maintain their flexibility, their mobility, and their vitality.
  • To retain their range of motion.
  • To have a vibrant and active future.


1. Client-Centric Approach: I take a client-centric approach, tailoring my training programs ​to meet your specific needs and goals.

2. Emphasis on Long-Term Wellness: I believe in the importance of long-term wellness and ​the role it plays in enjoying a fulfilling life in your golden years. I serve as your compass and ​roadmap, guiding you toward a healthier and more active future.

3. Accountability and Personal Connection: I hold myself accountable to my clients and ​foster a strong sense of accountability in return. I use my personal experiences to ​emphasize the significance of wellness, making a genuine connection with you. My ​presence, commitment, and dedication to each client are central to my training style.

Overall, my style as a personal trainer is characterized by personalized training programs, ​a focus on long-term wellness, and a deep commitment to your success and well-being. My ​approach goes beyond physical training, encompassing a holistic view of health and ​vitality.


In-Person: I collaborate closely with my clients on a ​weekly basis, typically meeting them 1-3 times a week at ​my well-equipped gym located in Fair Lawn.

Virtual: Our sessions are conducted in real-time through a ​virtual platform, making use of the equipment available in ​your own home, supplemented with minimal additional ​equipment if necessary.

I maintain availability throughout the entire week, except ​for Sundays.

Each session is designed to be a productive and engaging ​1-hour experience.



Robyn Gmyrek“Rich is an exceptional trainer who has truly revolutionized my fitness journey. His unwavering dedication & exceptional ability to push me beyond my perceived limits, combined with his steadfast belief in my potential, ​irrespective of my age or athletic background, fuels my determination ​to strive for nothing less than my personal best. His extensive expertise ​in a variety of athletic training domains and his meticulous preparation ​ensure consistent progress and efficiently yield results in strength, ​endurance, and mental resilience. If you are ready to get results, break ​boundaries and uncover your true potential, train with Rich!”

– Robyn Gmyrek, MD

MIKE-KELLY“I’ve been a member of Escape Fitness for a number of years. This past year, I made a commitment to consistently attend Coach Rich Sadiv’s Sprint / upper body class, lower body lift and sprint / plyo class. I’ve always been involved in sports and athletics all my life. This past year at 47 years old , I have found myself stronger and faster than I have ever been. ​Coach Sadiv has taught me the proper mechanics to running and lifting that I ​never had. I’ve exceeded my goals due to Coach Sadiv’s programming, ​commitment and belief in me. Over the past 30 years, I’ve been to many ​gyms/training facilities all over northern Bergen County. The commitment, ​passion, energy, and intensity that Coach Sadiv brings to class is unmatched. ​He sets this standard for the whole Escape Fitness community. It’s almost ​difficult to put the experience into words, all I can say is try a class for ​yourself.”

– Mike Kelly

PAT-LUISI“The best shape of my life was when I was lucky enough to ​work out with Rich for a year or so. He is an inspiration.”

– Pat Luisi



Let me get you ready for a vibrant and ​active future!

Email me at and we’ll set up a ​time to meet, either at the gym in Fair Lawn or online.

I believe not every trainer is a good fit for every ​person. We’ll work to make sure this relationship is ​win-win.